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September/October 2012

Bare Essentials Magazine 'Seek Adventure. Save Wildlife.'

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"All you need for a life of Action" SEEK ADVENTURE SAVE WILDLIFE EMBRACE YOUR ABILITY. EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS. ENGAGE YOUR SENSES. WONDERS WILD OF EUROPE GIANTS ANCIENT IN THE RAINFORESTS OF CHILE GREAT CORMORANT Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis Something of a living fossil, the cormorant family is a very ancient group of birds, its ancestry stretching back to the time of the dinosaurs. The cormorant is another conservation success story, now breeding in the hundreds of thousands across Europe. They breed in colonies in trees or on the ground, both in marine and freshwater habitats, but still suffer a lot from prejudice and persecution. VALUE THE OF SPECIES Great Cormorant, Ijsselmeer, The Netherlands © Florian Möllers / Wild Wonders of Europe

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