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B E Vital Ground Launches Gobi Bear Initiative Researchers are establishing a new nonprofit organization, the Gobi Bear Fund, to make sure that the hungry desert-dwelling bears on the outermost edge of existence are being fed, protected and studied. To help support the work of this new nonprofit, Vital Ground launched the Gobi Bear Initiative. Gary Wolfe, Vital Ground's Executive Director explains, "This is a departure from Vital Ground's traditional mission of conserving and restoring grizzly bear habitat in North America. But this is such a significant opportunity to make a contribution toward protecting an entire breed of grizzly – one virtually unknown to the world and at great risk of extinction – that we feel we must take action. The Gobi Bear Initiative will raise funds for four primary needs: 1) supplemental food for the bears with improved nutritional content, 2) fuel for rangers to patrol, monitor wildlife and distribute the grain pellets to the oases, 3) satellite radio collars and other scientific equipment for tracking the bears and analyzing habitat and 4) university scholarships for ten students from five local communities for attending a natural resource program. The Gobi Bear Fund outlined an annual budget of $30,000 to finance these projects. Several generous contributors are blazing the trail for a successful conservation program in Mongolia. In their usual enthusiastic manner, Doug and Lynne Seus made the inaugural donation establishing Vital Ground's Gobi Bear Initiative. Wolverine study volunteer Dave Murray and Vital Ground Trustee Stuart Strahl soon followed, the Chicago Zoological Society will provide a grant, and the Wildlife Land Trust pledged $5,000 per year for three years! You can support this unique project, too! Please send contributions to the Gobi Bear Initiative in care of Vital Ground, and we'll see that every penny makes its way straight to the thirstiest, hungriest, rarest grizzlies on Earth. Donations are accepted online at: or via Causes at A grizzly bear wandering near an oasis in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia. Photo by Gobi Bear Project

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